Web-series are in! Are you in?

Last week I had a meeting with a producer who wants to make new best thing. Or should I say, want to make something that’s in. And Web-series are in as he said.

Great. So he called me to prepare some ideas and just to talk about this new business opportunity for him. He called it that way. We talked about our favorite show. Past and present. What we would like to watch and what kind of characters we like. Etc. And of course, our taste was completely different, but he want to make web-something. Everybody are doin’ it. And I asked him who are everybody? He didn’t have an answer or he didn’t want to tell me.

Our conclusion was that I come back in 14 day with some ideas. So here I have a new 14 day challenge. Great. Web-something!

So I ask you: What kind of web-series are out there that you like?

– Scribbler


When I was leaving I asked him: And how you are gonna make a business out of it?

He paused and then said that he will figure something out.


Can screenwriting be taught?

You have numerous books on screenwriting and also as many screenwriting gurus. Everybody has a recipe how to write next big thing. But we have to really question ourselves. Can screenwriting be taught? There are many discussions and many books written, but still not everybody makes it. Just few of them. So what is then the point? 

I think that you can learn screenwriting till some degree, but then you are on your own and only your talent and your hard work counts! So, best learning of screenwriting is by doing it! Not reading, not going to curses, but by writing it! Quantity produces Quality! That’s the only rule. And of course – you also need guts and luck. 🙂 

– Scribbler

Hello screenwriters!

After years of reading all sort of screenwriting blogs, I have decided that this year is the year that I start my own blog. 

Here it is – ScribeScreen!

I hope that you will enjoy. I hope that I will enjoy.