Can screenwriting be taught?

You have numerous books on screenwriting and also as many screenwriting gurus. Everybody has a recipe how to write next big thing. But we have to really question ourselves. Can screenwriting be taught? There are many discussions and many books written, but still not everybody makes it. Just few of them. So what is then the point? 

I think that you can learn screenwriting till some degree, but then you are on your own and only your talent and your hard work counts! So, best learning of screenwriting is by doing it! Not reading, not going to curses, but by writing it! Quantity produces Quality! That’s the only rule. And of course – you also need guts and luck. 🙂 

– Scribbler


4 responses to “Can screenwriting be taught?

  1. I think that the principles of screenwriting can be taught, but it all comes down to the strength of the story idea.

  2. I agree you have to work hard at it

  3. Melissa Schwolow

    From my own experience, if you learn the principles, it’s a start. But only a special kind of writer with enough passion can really learn and eventually make it…

  4. I agree to an extent. Like those before me, you can learn the principles but if you are not creative, have an idea with no potential, or just lack the desire to write you won’t be anything other than a guy who likes to write movies. Its like learning to be funny, you can get a gist of it but that natural humor that rolls off your tongue in any given situation; making all those around you laugh second nature, can’t be taught.

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